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Assignment of Deed of Trust Reconveyance


I am looking at a property where the original deed of trust with assignment of rents had an individual as a beneficiary. A few months later an Assignment of Deed of Trust was filed to change the beneficiary to a trust. The subsequent Substitution of Trustee and Full Reconveyance includes the document number for the original deed of trust but not the Assignment of Deed of Trust. Is this sufficient to remove the lien that the trust would have against the property?


I believe releases typically only reference the original deed of trust, as it is that document that actually created the encumbrance. The assignment itself is not an encumbrance, but just a notice of a change in parties, so I don’t see any reason that it would need to be “released”. That said I always recommend title insurance, as there is never a guarantee that the trust won’t sue if they disagree.