Certificate of Sale recorded after the sale of a HOA lien

I keep seeing Certificates of Sale recorded on properties after the sale of HOA liens at auction. What do they mean?

Hi Adm,
We pulled a few properties that had a HOA foreclosure and we did not see a Certificate of Sale. We see a recorded Trustees Deed like any other sale. If you can send a sample property or a document number to support@foreclosureradar.com we would be happy to research the matter and report the results here.

Michelle -
My wild guess would be that since the owner has a right of redemption (90 days?) after an HOA sale - some Trustees may issue a “Certificate of Sale” after the sale takes place - then 90 days later issues the Deed.

Hi Miket,
It looks like you are right (as usual). From our research we found that a certificate of sale was recorded to not only show the redemption period but also the redemption amount. In the ones we checked it also shows if the winning bidder was a 3rd party.