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Childcare Marketing Ideas?


I just started my own daycare out of my home. I have my a few students but am looking to grow my small business a little. Not many people are looking on social media for daycare. Anyone have some tips on ways to do it old school?


A good website will give you a push to get things started so people can find you online. Although daycare is a fairly niche business, it is possible people will use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. to find more information about your services, so you don’t have to throw those out completely. A tried and true method of marketing is to welcome new homeowners with young children to the area with a postcard or a phone call.


Thanks! I’ll have to test my social media skills. Any easy website recommendations to get me started?

My question is how do you preface a postcard? Isn’t it a little strange to just send postcards to families that aren’t expecting them? As in, “how does this daycare lady know I have young kids?”


Carol, be ambitious! Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace are all recommended for basic websites if you’re just starting out.

As far as postcards go, you can generate some leads and get a feel for the kind of families you are looking to target for your business. Postcards are a solid way to reach out and get your message across in a personalized way that isn’t just online marketing. It puts your product directly in front of the customer. Give it a go.

Good luck!