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How Do I Rebrand After A DEVASTATING Faux Pas?


How Do I Rebrand After A DEVASTATING Faux Pas?


Ever heard “any press is good press?” A brand is at its very core the sentiment towards the business and its people, products, services, and values. So you ran into a little bit of bad and good luck. Bad in that it caused some disruption. Good in that it drove awareness and brought attention. Part of developing a brand is to be drive awareness. The folks that chose to make you a “victim” at the expense of promoting their (outrage) message also gave you a gift: you now have a story and one that is brand congruent.

For everyone (myself included) that feel that you were perhaps unfairly subjected to some transitory subjective moral outrage of the day, I now feel a connection to you. If I lived in your town, I might be much more inclined to be a customer because (a) I was previously not aware of you, and (b) I FEEL something - a connection. “She didn’t deserve that - I will show my “outrage” at those who showed you their “outrage” by now being a customer.”

Bottom line: You may have a story. One that can communicate your values. One that can generate sympathy. One that can show people your integrity and honest care for your community. And one that can drive awareness, loyalty, and new business. Use it!