HVCC + 90 days seasoning issue

Has anyone bought at trustee sale and did the rehab and sold the property lately?
I noticed that lots of properties bought at TS in my area (northern CA, Bay Area) was put on market and became pending within a week but most of them fall out of escrow and
went back on the market shortly.

I think they are encountering the HVCC issue or 90 seasoning issue (even with
conventional loan)

Anyone has these problems? How do you resolve that?




I purchased a house at auction, fixed it and have it listed. We got a preliminary title report and it stated:

“Any insufficiency of the proceedings leading up to and including the recording of the
trustee?s deed”

I have been told this may be a problem with the lender or buyer. Is this a standard exclusion? Any ideas on how to work around this?

HVCC is creating problems for all sellers today. Be prepared to either look for buyers who can make up the difference in cash, or fight the appraisal, or to lower your price.

90 days seasoning is an issue primarily with FHA loans. Many auction investors simply don’t accept offers with FHA financing.

Richard - the title company is just making it clear that they won’t defend you from a legal claim that the trustee sale was tainted. Talk to your title co about what they will require to remove it, IF, it becomes a problem with a buyer. Or, find another title co.

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sean, how is HVCC creating problems for the seller as you state above? could you pls elaborate? i have not yet sold a property which was purchased at auction so i am not familiar. thx

For a while everyone was having problems with getting properties to appraise as the HVCC appraisals were all coming in low. I’m not hearing that as much now.

Thomas - I have been looking in Solano County for some time now with no luck. What services do you provide? blacktieproperties@gmail.com Thanks, Dan