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Our First Data Driven Real Estate - with Sean O'Toole & Aaron Norris DDRE#1

We’re excited to launch our new adventure for data addicts with the Data-Driven Real Estate Podcast. Our community is where we will start to post initial questions and research before we do interviews. Join us early to find out who is up next for interviews and add your own questions to the mix. Come back after to share your thoughts after the show.

Our inaugural show features Sean O’Toole and me (Aaron). We’ll be answering why we’re launching a real estate podcast, insights into our unique perspectives, why we are so passionate about data-driven approaches to real estate, and what to expect to get from the show.

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Pre-Show Questions

We won’t always get to all of these questions but it’s where we start curating what we’d like to discuss. Please make sure you chime in.

  • How’d we did we both get started in real estate?
  • What are the top tech trends you’re watching? Which will impact real estate?
  • How does Main Street compete with Wall Street?
  • Macroeconomic trends and how it speaks to real estate strategies
  • How will covid-19 impact real estate?
  • Are we about to get a huge wave of foreclosure ala 2008?
  • Why are public records so powerful?

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Facebook question: Does he see Government Funded programs growing which allow home owners to stay in their homes without making payments?

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