Private School Funding


How do private schools fundraise and make money? What are some fundraising ideas?


Private schools make money mainly through tuition fees, donations, and investors. In addition, many offer educational field trips/events that are funded and fundraised by student families. Private schools also get government subsidies and save on taxes under education. Get creative with fundraising tactics (events,, campaigns, etc.) and reach out to student families for donations!


Private schools often target high net-worth individuals and families in their community. Fortunately that’s fairly easy to identify.

For example, for the area the school serves, you can start with a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” campaign:


new homeowners
have children
purchased a home in an affluent area (or above a certain price)
purchased for all cash

Look at it this way: Why would a private school NOT want to reach out to every new family that moves to their area that bought a million dollar home for all cash?