un-"interesting" a property

I can indicate the level of interest I have on a property by clicking on the stars on the property details page. How can I un-interest it after I click on a star? It seems like once I click on star, I could change the number of stars but I can’t go back to 0…

Hi Tim,
You can go to ViewMySaved Properties in the main menu and hit search. This will bring up a list of all of your saved properties. The Save button in the tool bar then becomes the Remove button and you can unsave a property. This will clear any statuses, tags, notes, photos and level of interest.
If you do not wish to unsave the property and lose any other information you cannot completely eliminate the stars. You can click on the property and in the status area select the red X to remove the stars. This will hide the property without eliminating status, notes, photos etc and will un-star the property also.