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Data Driven Real Estate Podcast

Welcome to the podcast community for real estate professionals dedicated to driving success in their business using data.

Hyperlocal Marketing

Hyperlocal Marketing is how small businesses find, know, and connect with their best potential customers. By identifying the best local prospects for your business, creating messaging specific to them, and connecting with them in ways the big guys can’t, you can take back control of your marketing.

Public Records

Public records hold individuals and businesses accountable by making certain types of transactions transparent. Transparency reduces fraud and encourages fair business dealings. This forum welcomes discussions about public records, and how to access and use public records to grow your business.

Using PropertyRadar

Ask questions about PropertyRadar! We have a lot of amazing customers and followers and hope this gives you all a place to come ask questions, share ideas, best practices and success stories.

Home Services

Home services professions are those that directly service homeowners and properties. Connect with other home service businesses to gain more insight into targeted marketing or the services you provide.

Event Resources

This is our area dedicated to providing attendees of recent club, association, or conference with the charts, links, and resources shared on stage by the PropertyRadar team.