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Ask questions about PropertyRadar! We have a lot of amazing customers and followers and hope this gives you all a place to come ask questions, share ideas, best practices and success stories.

Targeted Local Marketing

Targeted Local Marketing (TLM) is how small businesses find, know, and connect with their best potential customers.

Home Services

Home services professions are those that directly service homeowners and properties. Connect with homeowners and other home service businesses to gain more insight into targeted marketing or the services you provide.

Professional Services

Professional service providers have specialized knowledge about niche areas of interest, such as law, marketing or accounting, that allow the customers and clients to focus on core business concerns. Share your knowledge, ask questions, get advice and grow your business.

Health & Medical

Our health and medical category includes all health and well-being practices. Connect with similar professionals and share ideas to expand your knowledge and get more patients, members, or clients.


Nonprofits are dedicated to social causes and advocacy to make a difference. Connect with the next best supporter of your cause, candidate, and community today. Learn more about creative marketing strategies to grow your community and share ideas for change.

Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are organized efforts that influence decision-making processes within a specific group. Expand your campaign networks and discover new ways to target your audiences.

Restaurants & Bars

Restaurants and bars everywhere are consistently growing and the trends are always changing. Grow your customer base, learn more about the F&B industry and connect with more people.


Retailers satisfy demand and distribute various goods and services. Connect with other retail store owners/professionals to grow your business and learn more about the consumers in your market.