2nd Loan on a Short Sale is negotiating commissions

Has anybody had a 2nd loan on a short sale negotiate commissions? I have a transaction that the 2nd is telling us to cut our commission to 2% and remove $3,750 towards buyers closing costs that the 1st loan already agreed to pay! Any advice?

I can help with a comment if I know if the second is a loan that was part of the purchase. example: 80/20 loans for purchase of the borrowers primary residential home.

That happened on one of my short sales with WaMu. They got what they wanted. The worst part was that even after they got 25% of the outstanding debt, they would only release the lien, not the deficiency. I avoid short sales with a WaMu second. Good luck!!

Unfortunately, many lenders (2nd) are now negotiating commissions to 5% total. What is the particular bank you are dealing with and what are the circumstances: purchase money, cash out refi…?

“Short Sales”,I call them “shorties” Just like the little man with a chip on his sholder.last year I listed and sold a number of "shorties"Chase has become the little bully of the yard.They lose files,tell you to just drop it,and are basicly the “Deal Killer” I avoid them like the plague they are.