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Are there any resources for how to buy at auction?

Hi, I’m a realtor looking to purchase homes from the trustee sales. I’ve been studying and trying to learn as much as possible all the steps required to purchase a property from the auction. I’ve been down to several auctions live to see it in action. I’ve noticed several investors with clip board or their laptop reviewing a database or spreadsheet. I’m assuming it’s a list of addresses that they would like to purchase or watching. Is there a site, check list, or spreadsheet available that would help describe the process of purchasing a home from A -Z? From finding the properties, researching title, physically scoping the property, determining the exit strategy, and purchasing the home, etc…I know a lot of investors have their ways of purchasing but I would love to hear the detailed process if possible. I’m even willing to compensate for the detailed information. You may contact me at Thanks.

Keep an eye on our learning center, we have an investing guide in the works that will cover a lot of the key auction investing topics.

Visit ?There’s a great depth of information there.