auction payment question

Have a few questions on payment for the courthouse auctions.
1- I understand you need cash or a cashier’s check written to yourself. Is it okay for a third party to make a cashier’s check to me and I use that check for payment?
2- Can I have 2 cashier’s checks to my name and 2 to my wife’s name? Would that be a problem if we want to to a joint title on the property or should all the cashier’s checks have my name on it to bid on the auction?


have same question

  1. Yes, so long as it is in your name so that you can sign it over to the particular trustee on the property you buy you should be fine.
  2. Typically the auctioneer won’t care how you take title, they’ll only care that the checks are made out to someone who is present, has a photo id, and is willing to sign them over should they win the bid.

Note that the checks can also be made out to the trustee - which I’ve done in the past when using others to bid for me. Keep in mind that this really only works if you are bidding on a single property - as it would take an awful lot of cash to make out checks for every trustee.