bought a house at auction, foreclosed by junior, what do I do about the senior?

senior was for $12,788 from cityfinancial bank . junior was for $86,667 from Bank of America. the second one foreclosed and I bought the house. it was four months ago. so far no one contacted me about the first one. But I am afraid that it did not get wiped out and just sitting there - growing interest at who knows what ridiculous rate. I called them - they said they need a loan no. or ssn# of previous owner, Otherwise they have no way to look up this property. none of the papers I got at the records office have any numbers that match their records. Please help me out here. thanks

Unlikely BofA would have made a 2nd to a $13k loan from City Financial. If the BofA loan isn’t that old you may have some luck contacting the escrow company that handled it. They may have a record of a payoff to City Financial even if the reconveyance never got recorded.