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Cost of your program

How much is your program?? I have typed this question 3, now 5!?times now. Hopefully this time it will actually go somewhere.
I am a Realtor Broker whpo represents several corp sellers currently and would like to be able to attract more Buyer’s and sell more of my own reo’s.
Ho do you suggest the best way to send Buyers seeking REo’s to MY website to utilize the link?? Print media???

Hi Sydney,
We charge $49.95/mo for ForeclsoureRadar, for details see our Join Now page.
Very smart that you understand the need to direct folks to your website, many think it is a simple matter of “build it and they will come”. We have a number agents and brokers that are effectively using print media, even small classifieds that says something like “Local foreclosure expert provides free foreclosure search at” can work well (though keep in mind DRE requirements).
Another really cool possibility for those with some programming capability is to create an interactive banner ad for local websites that allows free foreclosure search with results that display on your site. See the Free Foreclosure Search bar on our home page for an idea of how this could work. Use our Advanced FLX integration to do this (included free with subscription).
Hope that helps.

It’s 3 AM ! I can’t get off this site -so compelling. Hope you can answer my LV question altho I noticed the question was?cut short of the complete sentence. I read so many of Sean’s answers -quite enlightening. Hope you/he can help me, too. Thanks so much. N.

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