deed recorded after purchase home at trustee auction, person showed up in front of property for BPO?

so been about 21 days ago, we purchased a property at trustee auction in california, recorded the deed about 6 days, ago. Today a person showed up at the property, while i was cleaning up all the mess, that bank told him to do a bpo on the property tomorrow and and also wanted to know how i got in the property? he said he is going to come tomorrow… any idea what is all this about?

I have had several people come by with all kinds of stories including saying they were from the bank to talk to the owner about a loan mod. It is probably a case of one hand does not know what the other is doing. If he does return, share with us the details. Could be a realtor just looking for a listing as well.

Richard is right. It is hard to tell. Could be a clueless senconday lender that was wiped out, a BPO request from the mortgage insurance company, lender quality control following a sale, I suppose the list could be endless. I hope when he comes back you will let us know. I know that I am curious also.

This happens all the time. We got a free lawn care a few weeks after the sale by a company that was hired to care for the lawn by the bank.
Others have had the pools cleaned.