Do attending these reo conferences really get you in wi

do attending these reo conferences really get you in with banks

I am curious if anyone out there has? attended the REO conferences and has profit from them. I am signed up with over 40 asset management comapnies and have completed over 60 BPOS in the last months but have yet to be able to list a foreclosure. I don’[t know what else do to., ?

It is unfortunate that so many agents are reaching for answers to get into the REO market. The conferences from my understanding is about getting over 1,000 agents?desperately seeking an asset mgr. to wine and dine. It is unfortunate that our business has come to this because?we are getting out bid on the REO lsitngs with our qualified buyers due to alot of REO agents double ending their own listings or way over list price bidding. The banks and the government have not realized that the way to get the Real Estate market moving again is to streamline the short sale process. The false hope of loan mods. and lawyers along with some of our colleages taking up front monies from people that will never qualify is a tragedy all over again. We need to join together and possibly write our congress, our local real esate boards or anyone else that will listen and hope it falls on the right ears. We have over 600 listings on our MLS the huge share being short sales no one wants to show or sell and be in prison with your buyer for the next 60-90 days or more and find out thatthe approval is declined. I am looking for any type of response…

I am Broker in Newport Beach CA. I use Docusign which is endorsed by an accessable through CA AOR website. I did not fall for their “pro” upgrade and pay only $12/month for an extreme worthwhile service.
I, too, am dismayed at the state of our industry. Inside dealing, no legal fiduciary duty to the lenders taking the hits (by the way could this affecting YOUR retirement fund?). The lack of integrity in the business has fallen to an all time low and I have been in it for 35 years!

Has anyone heard of, I am an asset manager looking for qualified REO agents and was wondering if anyone had any feedback about them. I know other AMCs that have used them, but I’m very careful with my assignments. They seem legit, but looking for any feedback, good or bad. Thanks, appreciate it.