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do I need to show all my cashiers checks at the beginning of the auction?

I am going to bid on a property. I have heard stories about people peaking at the auctioneers notepad to see how much money you brought to the auction. I would like to avoid this by only showing some of my cashiers check at the beginning, then bringing out more if the bidding goes above that. That way nobody knows exactly how far I can bid. Is this a good idea? Can I show more cashiers checks in the middle of an auction?

I have seen bidders that stand behind the auctioneer and look a their notes. I have mentioned it to the auctioneer before, but not sure it makes any difference. You can try to qualify last. Best thing would be to go to the site and observe waht goes on before you try to bid. And, yes, you can add funds during the bidding process.

Thanks Richard, that’s very good advice to try to qualify last.

Most professional bidders have enough checks that they usually show much more than they intend to bid. That’s because they are prepared to bid on multiple properties, if necessary. What diff. does it make, anyway? You have your figure.