Does anyone know where I can find NDEX WEST sale information? Opening bid etc?

I am calling on other properties for sale to try to verify and check information. Does anyone have advice for me? Would like to be able to get more up to date information so that I am not wasting my time on properties that are not going to be for sale. Is there a website that anyone knows of? Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciate! I am in the San Diego area:)

Sometimes here;

Yes, you can find opening bids, postponements and sales information at

Sometimes here:

i try to go to aution. can you tell me what website to look so i do not have to drive 1;30 minutes to go to the aution
thank you

Where do you live? If you are in AZ, CA, NV, OR or WA we are your best bet:

The best source is to ask the auctioneer for a contact or use the number on the receipt once you buy a property they have. ?The auctioneer should have the information but may not share it with you.