Garbage lien on property purchased at Trustee sale

I purchased a property in Las Vegas at a trustee sale. The property had a lien from Republic Services from the previous owner for $88.00, I assume from not paying for rental garbage cans. Now I am trying to sell the property and the Title company is telling me that the trustee sale does not expunge liens after the trust deed I purchased and that I am supposed to pay for the previous owners rented garbage cans. I asked the title officer to provide me with the law that they are following. Any Ideas?

That is correct you are responsible to pay off that amount and follow-up with Republic services to remove lien.

Two things required to get you out of it:

  1. If the debt was incurred prior to the foreclosure (ie it was for service prior to the foreclosure not after). If it was after it is your lien and you need to pay.
  2. Sometimes these services roll to the tax roles, in which case they are super senior just like property taxes and you will need to pay.
    If you are ok on both those fronts you don’t have to pay, but not sure it is worth the headache for $88.

My tenant has not paid his garbage bill for years… I just found out about this.

Can Republic Services force a foreclosure for they’re owed money?