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Guaranteed Auction Sale and Opening Bid

If I know the property is going to be auctioned, and for sure its going to go to sale and I know the opening bid before posted on the trustees sales site, can I sell that information and If so how much should I charge?I had the information two days before auction date, in any county in any state a before any released date of trustee sales site.

I suppose that would be based on what someone is willing to pay for that information and whether or not they use the info to actually make a purchase.

Bidder … I suppose if you have the “inside scoop” or inside info (that’s not public information) however you want to characterize it … then you might be at risk of losing your BPV (bonafide purchaser for value) status or jeopardizing the BPV status of any potential steps buyer who acquires this inside info from you. That may not be an issue unless there’s litigation post sale. But it’s something to think about.

“Bidder” sounds like what on most forums would be called a spammer.