Hello Sean. Lately, I have been noticing something ...

Hello Sean. Lately, I have been noticing something more than other times. When looking at an auction opportunity 's transaction history I notice a recent trustee sale for a higher amount. I know it is not strange to have more than one but the listed opportunity states to be a first mortgage with an amount way smaller and with an original loan date later than the previous one. I hope I am not confusing you.

Hard to say without examples. Post some addresses and I’d be happy to take a look. Also please always keep in mind that our loan position information is based on computer models, and those models can make mistakes.

Properties with multiple trustee sales: 6552 w 81st st, los angeles ca 90046 - ts# 08-23730 2319 s rimpau blvd, los angeles ca 90018 - ts#08-23585 Properties with high sale amount discount?: 7321 lennox ave f12, van nuys ca 91405 - ts# 20070134012514 4024 harnett ave, el monte ca 91732 - ts# 1131594-11 Properties for which I have no clue: 15830 acre st, north hills ca 91343 - ts# GSFC-4176 421 e santa anita ave 304, burbank ca 91501 - ts# C06-08023 5409 yarmouth ave 10, encino ca 91316 - ts# 721786CA ? Thank you for your time and I am sorry if there are too many. ? ?

Looking at them it seems to me that 81st St and Rimpau were modeled incorrectly. We’ll look at these and make adjustments. ? Lennox is likely a typo, missing a digit at the end. Same with Harnett, but likely missing two digtis. ? Looks like we don’t have much data on Acre or Santa Anita. ? If the loan date is right, Yarmouth is probably a 1st, and would probably be worth researching. A loan that old is likely to have equity. ? Couple of things to remember: ? 1. This is all public records data, and errors are pretty common. I bought a house at auction once that public records said was 2,400sf and it turned out to only be 1,400sf. Typo at the recorders office. In hindsight it was pretty obvious looking at the property it was not 2,400sf - but I got caught up in the bidding and overlooked the fact that we based our comps on 2,400sf. Not one of my better deals. ? 2. We use a computer model to determine loan position, and the model does sometimes make mistakes (read our disclaimer in the app if you haven’t already). After years of buying at auction I’m comofrtable accepting the risk of buying in certain scenarios from just this data, but I always recommend a complete title search. My goal with providing the modeled data (value, loan position, equity, etc.) is to help you more quickly find interesting opportunities… NOT to replace the need for a reasonable amount of due dilgence before you buy. ?

Thanks Sean for taking the time to look at all these properties.? On Yarmouth I see a discrepancy on the owner’s name and the borrower’s name, is this something I need to be concerned about?? How about if the property is owned in a trust?