Help, former owner damage my purchased property


Can any one please advise what can i?do to save my house that i just purchased from the foreclosure auction?
a few day ago i check out the house outside, it was nice, now 4 days after i won the house a the highest bidder, i went to the owner try to offer cash for key saw the brick wall between garages is purposely (badly) damages. i can tell this owner is pretty revengeful, bad luck for me.
my question is there any legal way to preven him from further destroying my house?
i’m in the progress of filing eviction.
it will be 7 days this coming tuesday after the sale and i still have not yet recieve the deed from the trustee. what is the law in Georgia anyone know? please help!
this guy is not accept cash for key and he even threatening to taking the lender to court for wrongful foreclosure.
will i get my moeny back from the trustee if they can’t provide me the deed?
if in the event after i get the deed, and the former file a lawsuit, will i lose my money if he win?
please help me explain my worst scenerios after the auctions. thanks!


You own the property at this point, so I see no reason you can’t sue for any damage he does. I’d recommend talking to an attorney and having the attorney drafting a letter to the prior owner letting him know that while he does have the right to stay in the home during the eviction, you will seek a judgement for both the rent from the time of the foreclosure, and for any damages to the property. You may also have the lawful right to enter the property with proper notice so you can document current condition. Again - you should seek the help of a local attorney.


Hi Sean,
I just found out that the former owner has pass away, i have no idea who those occupant are. do you happen to know if the process of eviction is the same as if i evict the original v.s those unknown people?
second question, i approach them cash 4 key and they not even take a thought, they told me it’s a wrongful forclosure claiming that they are relative to the owner and they owner has pass away and his mortgage insurance suppose to pay off the house. they said they in the process of filing a lawsuit.? i call the trustee today and they have execute the deed that mean the house is now legally mine. does they mean they people will sue me for the house back? or? can you tell me what possible scenerio that might happen in the future?


To try to overturn the sale the folks would need to sue both you and the lender. I doubt they’d get far. If you do get sued try to let the lender do all the heavy lifting, you’ll need to file an answer, but tell your attorney to keep his activities to the minimum required to protect your interest. If these folks did win their claim, I think you’d have a good case against the lender to get your money back plus interest… especially if the lender wrongfully foreclosed. So the key is patience. ? Also, try again with the heirs to the property. First verify their actually are the heirs, and that there is a least a chance they are entitled to the estate - this can be easier than you think using geneology and skip tracing tools, not to mention probate filings or even obituaries. I’d say there is a reasonable chance they are just making stufff up trying to get a free ride. ? Also, get the eviction going immediately. Be as aggresive as you can on that front, but let the eviction company do it. In the mean time you can be sweat as pie, and again offer cash-4-keys, let them know it would be a shame for them to end up with an eviction on their public record, that you’d be happy to help in the lender wrongfully foreclosed and there willing to share details on why with you, and finally that they might think about whether or not the cash from the insurace might be better than a house. ? In any case don’t fret - chances are that the worst case is a couple month delay after which you likely get the house, or perhaps a check from the lender returning your investment and interest. ? ?