Is it illegal to mail or contact a person who has received an NOD for the purpose of listing?

I have been told twice in one day that it is illegal for me (as a realtor) to mail or contact an individual who is “in distress financially” for the purpose of obtaining a listing (to do a short sale)
Is there some element of truth to this?

Why do I get an email that says I’m watching this post, but there’s nothing to watch. If I click on the link it says I’ll stop watching it.

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We certainly aren’t aware of any law that would stop you from contacting a homeowner.
There are some laws that try to protect homeowners from certain practices including:
CA Civil Code 1695 - which imposes certain requirements on investors who want to buy property in foreclosure.
CA Civil 2945 - which imposes certain requirements on consultants offering to help people in foreclosure.
You can read more about both laws in our Learning Center.

Absolutely not. We as professionals are here to help and inform homeowner’s of their options. I have made the town I live in my mission field in this. It is my pro bono work.

ask your broker, he may not want the liability,
if he is cool with it, then know all the civil code that “protects” the homeowner from people like you.
so you don’t wind up in the pokey.

Bob - There are no civil codes that I’m aware of that “protect” homeowners from licensed real estate agents that want to help homeowners short sale their home. What in the world makes you think there should be?