is it true you have pay for home at a auction with cash up front

can you finance a home at a auction

trustee sales at auction requires all cash up front. you need to show your money before you can bid.

Yes, that’s correct. River Forest will bring up to 75% of the purchase price to the Riverside, San Diego, OC and LA auctions to help our clients purchase the properties. 949-461-9914

Can you explain how this process works. Thanks!

Check out:

Thanks Sean, very helpful!
Do you know how the process works when purchasing a home at the auction with an investor who provides the cash up front?

No set standards here, but I would suggest having a written agreement… especially if you provide any cash up front.

With this property it shows the 1st and 2nd as the same lender but with different amounts. Is this good or bad? Also I couldn’t find any REOs from this lender, I was trying to find that lenders discount percent, any tips on getting that percentage?

Transactional History:
Type # Date Doc Grantee Amount
transfer 12/07 Maria T $875K
loan 1st 12/07 Suntrust Motgage Inc $417K
-NOD 12/09 Recontrust Co NA $9692
loan 2nd 12/07 Suntrust Mortgage Inc $350K