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Is there a coures or book out there that shows the r...

Is there a coures or book out there that shows the real pros and cons about buying at trustee sales, I don’t to learn the hard way.

There are some, but I haven’t read them. I did buy about 30 foreclosure related books with the plan of doing book reviews for the site, but just haven’t had time. Skimming through a number I quickly had concerns that most, perhaps all, were too generic. Foreclosure varies a LOT by state, so I’d recommend finding an expert in your area. I had a fantastic mentor and there is ZERO doubt it saved me tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands in early mistakes.
I do take on a client for auction training every few months. Fun diversion for me, but the site is so busy it is getting harder to do. If interested contact

If you live in California, I have written one of the most comprehensive manuals on how to buy foreclosures at Trustees’ Sales.? It is based primarily on my own experiences as an investor? and shows you step by step what you need to do to avoid getting “killed” at a sale.? Please visit my Web site at for further info on my background, foreclosure manuals & seminars.

I know Larry, and actually have read his book. Very applicable for CA - I reccomend it.

On other similar questions Sean has recommended looking through the information at?