it says auction postphoned due to bankruptcy, is that normal?

Hi I’m new to buying at an auction and the property I like has been postponed due to bankruptcy, what does this mean and how does it change the auction?

Hi Stephen,
When a homeowner files bankruptcy after a Notice of Trustee Sale has been filed the sale date is postponed because the bankruptcy provides a temporary stay of the sale. Typically the trustee will continue to postpone the sale until the stay has been lifted by the bankruptcy court and the trustee is allowed to proceed with the sale.
In CA the sale can be postponed for up to 1 year before a new Notice of Trustee Sale must be posted, published and recorded. If the trustee elects to cancel the sale until the stay is lifted they would then need to post, publish and record a new Notice of Trustee Sale to set the sale date.
It can take several months for the lender to get a relief of stay and proceed with the sale. This could mean that the sale date is postponed several times.

Take a look here on FR and you can see that Bk. is often given as the reason for a postponement. (Once in a while the term “Operation of Law” will be given, but this could be because of a TRO as well as a bk.)

If you want to find out more about the subject’s BK filing, I recommend a subscription to PACER. I did so on a recent property and found a treasure trove of info on the person’s BK filing. The person had two prior Chapter 13 BKs that were dismissed by the courts for failure to comply with doc/filing deadlines. I also found that the person was not eligible for Chapter 13 due to his excessive debts (over threshold limits for both secured and unsecured debts). So his BK would have been shot down regardless of missed deadlines to complete docs.

Read today’s front page of the Sunday NYT. In Judicial states, they are running 2+ years behind. The states that FR covers are all non-judicial states - so there isn’t the massive delay. Of course there are in house delays caused by files being misplaced etc. The “delay” firms you mention can’t do much here - except wake them up to get moving on your fcl.!!! In Judicial states they can misuse the Ct. systems to delay.

Michelle, Thanks for the helpful information…Where is the support & training lab?Foreclosure Radar or ??
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Hi Cris, Yes, that is on the home page. You can also use the following link

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Let me add my kudos to Michelle and the FR team. Just watched your webinar on Legal Docs, Delaying Tactics and Scandals … superb production and highly informative!

Thanks Cris and DannyB-you totally made my day!!!