Lis Pendens

Anyone bought a property that has a lis pendens filed against it from a divorce? How did you get it removed? Pay a lawyer to Quiet Title? I am following a property in socal that is a divorce situation that as far as I know the divorce was never finalized. However the wife filed a lis pendens on the subject property. I can find any court documents that substantiate any legitimate claim however the lis pendens is still showing up. Any thoughts?

Hi Steve,
Contact the attorney that filed the Lis Pendens to see what the status is on this case. It may be that the case has long since been closed/resolved but they failed to record the release. If that is the case ask the attorney to file the release (in some cases investors will offer to pay them for their time to do this or offer to have the document prepared for their signature). The attorney should be able to shed light on the current status.