Looking at buying a home in a gated community at auction. When can I get gate keys from the HOA?

If I am the successful bidder, what would I need to get gate keys from HOA? How long should I wait before contacting them? Note that I cannot change the locks on the home if I cannot go through the gate with my locksmith. The house seems vacant now with the appliances and a floor takent out by the previous owner.

Hi Monty,
You can contact them and let them know you are the new owner right away. There may be some transfer fee you need to pay and they may want to see the Trustees Deed. They will undoubtedly be happy to see you and now start to receive the monthly HOA dues.

Thank you, Michelle. I would not receive the trustee deed for maybe ten days. But I would like to go ahead and change the locks right away. I wonder if the auction receipt would be acceptable or if I need to wait until I get the trustee deed. Thanks.

You would need to contact the HOA and inform them of the situation. Whether or not they will accept the receipt or require a copy of the recorded Trustees Deed is up to them. I am not aware of any rule that says they must accept a receipt. Typically the HOA would accept any legal transfer which in this case would be the Trustees Deed. You may need to wait until you have that or they may be willing to have the management accompany you to post the appropriate notice on the door or change the locks.