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Is there a way in ForeclosureRadar to automatically be notified if an opening bid has been reduced by the Trustee/lender?

You can add our Advanced Alert Feature to automatically receive opening bids via email or text message.
For an additional $79.95 per month, subscribers may upgrade to Advanced Alerts which allow subscribers to also:
Monitor opening bids, providing foreclosure auction investors an invaluable head start versus the competition at trustee sales.
Have any property that matches their Alert criteria automatically saved, so that they can automate the workflow of finding and tracking foreclosures.
Receive immediate Alerts on specific foreclosures via email and text message (SMS), in addition to the standard daily summary emails.

Hi Michelle,
If I have foreclosure radar open already, would the advanced alert feature be faster (not just more convenient) than manually refreshing foreclosure radar to see opening bids? If so, by how long usually?

Hi Alan, The Advanced Alert feature allows you to receive the opening bids via email or text message within seconds after they post to our site. They are sent 2-3 seconds after posting to our site.

Hi Michelle, thank you for your answer.

We are always happy to help!!!

I am new. I only know www. the check the opening

bid. Will foreclosureradar can tell me how to find other trustee’ company foreclosure bidding date, and opening bid price. I am willing
to buy additional 79.95 per month. could you contact me and taught me how to use it.

What’s opening bid determined?
How to find the back property tax liens, and other liens in the property.

If first loan 336,000, the second loan is 70,000. the winning bid

is232800. The winner only need to pay 232800 Plus back property

tax, and other personal liens, right.

how can I find lien information?

the other case, if on body bid in the property. back to beneficiary. why the radar say sold on 378,701, wing bid 378 701

Hi Charlene, You can see a tutorial on the opening bid alerts.

could you delete my messages and comments if possible.

Hi Charlene, We have deleted any personal information from this post.

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