Need a contract to represent investors at auction

I am a Realtor and I don’t see any CAR forms that cover the services that I am offering. I have been approached by a group of investors who want me to find properties, and recommend prices to purchase at the auction. I have purchased at the auction before for my own personal business, but now I need a contract or form that outlines my duties I will perform, and how and when I will be compensated. It also needs to limit my liability. I will be verifying the liens and open TDs, ect. They have agreed to pay me a buyers premium on top of the auction price. They when they sale the property I will be the listing agent.

Is there anyone using a form or templet now, and if so how can I get a sample?

We know that several of our subscribers offer these type of services so we hope that someone will respond with some helpful information. Since the liability is so great and you have represented yourself as a Realtor and not a Broker we HIGHLY suggest you contact your broker as well as use the CAR legal team before you begin providing any of these services.