need a title company issuing insurance on property bought at auction

Need a Northern California title company, prefer in east bay area of Northern California.
Property was bought one year ago, it is a HOA lien auction. Some require two years hold time prior issuing insurance.
Email back:

Have you had possession for a year? Was the old owner in the unit when you bought it and, if so, did you pay him to leave? Was there a loan against the property? Was there surplus money created by the sale where you bought it? That’s important because if the owner collected some surplus money - he acknowledged the sale.

The property first became a REO, went back to the Federal loan Bank, and The bank did not pay HOA, so the HOA foreclosed on the bank. It is a small HOA lien, so plenty of surplus. I have owned the property for more than a year, no mortgage against it…not any issue. …but contact few title companies, and were informed that 2 year holding time. The auction was handled by a trustee company, recorded by first American title…Even first American title says the 2 year holding period. Thanks

Hmm. The last time we ran into a situation like that a couple years ago, just had to wait a year. You could pay a few grand and file a quiet title action. It would be quick since odds are the Fed Bank would default (not answer the complaint.) Did any of the title companies even suggest that?

The title has suggested that. and also in communication with the general attorney…I will see what is the best option. Thanks so much, Miket.