New 90 Day Renter rule

?? as always… awesome site. i have a question. now that the new law went into effect on 5/20/09 and we have to give renters 90 days notice to vacate. when and how can we start collecting rent from the renter? because it is my understanding that if they do not hold up their terms of the lease agreement, then we can serve them with a 3 day notice and proceed immediately with eviction, just like we would on the many rentals we manage. Am i correct in thinking that? they dont get to stay for 90 days for free do they? if you could shed any light on this subject that would be awesome, as i need to serve a tenant yesterday!
thanks ahead of time.

No they can’t stay for free. They have to pay their rent or you can evict. It is also my understanding in some instances they may be able to stay for the term of there written lease, if it is not over a year.?I would check into that. But they DO have to pay their rent.

brandilee76 is definitely right that they don’t get to stay for free, but I’m not sure that it converts to a 3 day notice if they refuse to pay. Certainly worth looking into, as that would be far better for investors than having to wait for an uncollectable money judgement after the unlawful detainer.