Notices of default on two properties of the same owner

If the owner has two properties and both of them have notice of default.

Is this going to impact the one I about to buy?

Hi Sue … answer to your question is " no." These two defaults (NODs) are separate and distinct and so too would be any forthcoming trustee sale(s). When checking recorded documents, it is always important to scrutinize/confirm the APN (parcel number) and legal description. 95% of the time you can quickly find the APN followed by the ‘known as’ address. NOTE: APNs can sometimes change (common with following a new construction project), but usually easy to see the old & new APN and verify which property your looking at.

If there are separate properties (owned by same person) going to sale, then you would want to look at the loans that reference – by APN, address and legal description – your target property. ?There are, however, some general liens/judgments that may apply to all properties held by that affected owner. Then you need to look at recording date to see if they stand or will be ‘wiped out’ to you. IRS liens, of course, have right of redemption regardless of recording date.