Purchase offer on back to beneficiary properties

On properties that go back to the beneficiary at auction with no 3rd party bids, is it possible to make an offer to the trustee after the fact?? There appear to be a lot of potentially good deals that don’t get bids.? It would be nice to have a few hours after the sale to research title info and drive by the property and then go back to the trustee and submit an offer.? Does this ever happen?

It is not impossible, but these days it seems more and more lenders just follow standard procedures and list the property. I know of a couple of folks that buy this way regularly, but they seem to have developed strong relationships with the lenders whereby the lenders make exceptions for them.
I’ve commented elsewhere on the forums about the right approach with the lenders. They certainly won’t ponder your offer unless you know exactly what you are doing and are capable of making it a clean, simple, low risk, transaction for them.