Purchased at courthouse for too much, what can I do?

I purchased a house in WV at a foreclosure sale at the courthouse for $96,000. Prior to the sale I called the bank to get a copy of the appraisal. I was told that the appraisal was $125,000 but I couldn’t get a copy of it. I just received the deed and disclosure form attached to the deed indicated that the $125,000 appraisal was in 2005 when the loan was originated. Should they have given me the date of the appraisal and is there anything I can do. The original loan was for $95,000 in 2005 when there was a booming market. I realize now that I paid too much for the house assuming that the appraisal was a recent appraisal.

We don’t know WV law, but almost all foreclosure sales on the courthouse steps are made without any warranty. We doubt there is anything you can do, but you may want to check with an attorney that is familiar with WV foreclosure laws.