Many home owners who receive Loan Modifications are expected to default on them. Can you suggest a method to derive a list of these people after they have redefaulted.

We are expecting that those already in the foreclosure process will simply be foreclosed upon once they redefault. We have a record number of foreclosure sales being postponed right now, and we think many of these are trial loan mods.

Redefault Followup - Our goal is to market to homeowners who have received modifications resulting in their foreclosure being Canceled. Government statistics indicate as many as 40% of these redefault within 6 months.
To identify this market segment the first question is do we use foreclosures that were listed “Canceled” and/or some other category in your system as the starting point? Then how do we most efficiently track them over the next 12 months to see if they redefault.

I think that your idea to use “canceled” auction as a starting point is a good one. An idea could be to search the canceled sales for the past few months in your target area. You can then export your results to print form letters and address labels to reach out to those homeowners. it would be an efficient way to reach out to a lot of homeowners quickly.