Redemption period after HOA forecloses. Please advise ASAP

The HOA conducted a sherrifs sale on a property for past dues in July. In washington, there is a redemption period of 1 year for the homeowner for an HOA sherrifs sale. The first lien is now being forclosed tommorrow. If purchased by third party at auction, would the redemption period remain? Does the forclosing of a senoir lien wipe out this redemption period? In Washington State the HOA has super senority regarding lien position however.

Please advise.


I don’t know Wa. law. If you have a relationship with a title company, speak to a TITLE officer there (not an escrow person at the title company and get their position on the matter. IF what you say is true and HOA liens have priority - you are saying even a “first” bank lien is junior to the HOA. That sound hard to believe - but I don’t know. Check with title. Even in Florida where there are LOTS of HOAs, - Banks are senior. Same in Ca.