Title insurance on a trustee sale property?

Chicago Title said they will not give me title insurance on a property I buy at trustee auction…which title companies will give title insurance on a property purcahsed at trustee auction?

Fidelity was doing some experimenting with that in Contra Costa county. Ridiculous for them not to, if anything there is less risk as the trustee sale wipes out a lot of potential claims. The main thing they are worried about is having to defend you from a lawsuit from the prior owner. Go back, speak with a title officer, perhaps the Cheif Title Officer for your area and ask if they would be willing to do it if you were to accept and exception excluding suits from the prior owner from the policy. You may have more luck with that.
Also - you shouldn’t have any problem getting a lenders policy, such that you can take a loan on the property. Especially after a couple of months have passed.