Trustee sale of vacant house

I have a question about how one takes possession of a vacant house after buying at trustee sale.

A house I am interested in is vacant and has been vacant and declared uninhabitable for several years. The owner is out of state. There have been no tenants for years. Repairs were in progress but never close to completed. Some building material is in the house, a ladder, and maybe another tool or two. The house is coming up for trustee sale.

Can I take possession immediatelt after purchase? Or is a 3 day notice necessary?

If it is unoccupied you can take possession immediately after purchase. Even though it may take a week or two to record your trustees deed, your own the home as of 8am the day of sale so long as you record the deed within 15 days.

My understanding is that a notice to quit is only required when the property is occupied.

The vacant home we got at the trustee sale has been vacant for 3 months. The only thing left inside the home are 3 couches and a few chairs. Can we throw these items away? Its been almost 2 weeks since we bought the property and no one has asked us for anything from the property since we changed the locks. Can someone give me a link that tells me its okay to throw these items left behind away?