Trustee Sales - buying my first property

I am getting ready to purchase my first Property at the County Auction. I have been researching and asking questions about the process. I feel pretty confident with it, however, I am concerned about any pending law suits that may involve the property that I end up buying. Is that something I should be worried about? Also, where can I find such records? They typically are not public record.

I might be worrying more than I should but if anybody can give me any insight on what else I should be looking out for I would truly appreciate it.

Thanks everyone.

If it is a lawsuit involving real property a Lis Pendens should be filed at the county recorders office, and as such they are absolutely public record. If you do find a Lis Pendens filed at the recorders office, you can often go to the court clerk and get a copy of the lawsuit allowing you to further determine the potential risk in acquiring the property. You may even find that they judge explicitly granted permission for the property to be sold at foreclosure.
Remember, I’m not an attorney so there may be other situations I’m not aware of, but a thorough check at the county recorder should uncover most title risks.