we moved in with someone that was helping us

He is the homeowner but he either has sold or selling the home or it is going to be foreclosed on either way we don’t have enough to move on and the owner owes the bank for the house so he’s trying to sell the home to clear his debts so he can’t offer us a cash for keys so do we wait for the realtor to offer or how do we go about this the owner of the home is being evasive about what’s going on he says its sold but nothing else

Do you have a written lease with the home owner? If the homeowner is in foreclosure and goes to Trustee Sale Auction, Under the Protecting Tenants in Foreclosure Act, the buyer is obligated to give you (renter/tenant) 90 days notice if you are renting on a month-to-month tenancy; or honor the terms of the lease, provided it is a valid lease, with fair market rents, and signed prior to the Notice of Default. If you fail to pay, under the terms of that lease, then the new owner would have the right to evict you with 3 days notice, for failure to pay.