what if the occupant do not present lease contract or any other proof of legal right of occupancy

I purchased property and there is an occupant who does not have any lease contract or any other proof of legal right of occupancy.
In this case, Do i have to still go through formal eviction process? or can I just take possession of property using police escorted forced entry as he is considered trespassor?

Anytime the house is “occupied”, you will have to go through eviction proceedings or cash for keys. We went through a problem yesterday with the prior owners taking possession of the vacant house that we bought. The police helped us remove them because it was obvious that they were not living there. That made them trespassers. Otherwise it becomes a civil matter.

Hi Helen,
Lani is right. If they are currently occupying the property then you must give them the appropriate notice (depending on whether or not they are a tenant or the former owner) and then formally evict them. This is where you may want to try to negotiate a cash for keys agreement and try to incentivize them to leave at an agreed upon date.