What kind of things make a property more apt to go to auction and not get postponed?

If I’m researching properties that are scheduled to go to auction the next day, what kind of attributes may mean that the property will go to auction and not get postponed (on average).

Does that fact that the home is vacant make it more likely to not be postponed? What about the fact that it has an opening bid listed? Does that seem to make a difference?

Opening bids do make a difference. Also how long since the prior sale date. If something has been postponing a month at a time, then suddenly postpones a week, or a day it is far more likely to go. Vacant homes are more likely, but probably not a lot more likely. Ones that have been postponing for a long time since the original sale date are more likely.

How can we see the history of postponments and reasons for the postponments? I know FR can track this, i just dont know how to get the information back out of the program…

We only track the last postponement., not the history of each postponement over time.

Keeping track of the history would sure be helpful considering what you said about changes in the PP time. Have you considered adding that feature? I hsitory tab to click on would be great!

You can easily see postponement time as we do show the original sale date and the current sale date.

I understand I can see the last PP date, but as you pointed out if something has been PP ever 30 days, and suddenly goes to 5 days, it would be nice to have a running history easily identifiable.