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Will my Lien for work on a builder building his own house be wiped out at auction?

I have a lien on a house that is going to a trustee’s sale. This was a builder builing his own house and my lien is for work done while the house was being built. Will my lien stand or does it get wiped out?

Is the lien on the house or the owner? And was your lien filed before or after the loan that is foreclosing? Assuming it is against the owner and was filed after the foreclosing loan, the foreclosure sale may wipe out your claim against the property… but I believe your claim against the owner and any other property they have would stand. I’d recommend checking with an attorney though, especially if there is a chance the property will sell for more than the foreclosing loan balance.

The lien is on the house and owner, the lien was before the house foreclosed. The lien is for work done on the home while it was being built. Wed Feb 10th 2010 at 9:23am