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Abstract of Title

Hi Sean,

I just got my Borkers license, so I have some knowledge of how liens work. I would like to learn how to do my own Abstraction of Title so that I can start investing in Foreclosures. Are there any good websites or books that you could recommend to help me get started?

I’m located in San Jose, CA.

I’ve googled title abstract training and definitely see there are folks out there that do this. We have not used one so I’m hesitant to give a recommendation. One thing I always recommend is to get to know your title officer (not escrow officer) at your local title co. I’ve had great luck learning lots by simply taking them to lunch.

I have been doing title for a large foreclosure investment fund for the last year and a half I have been professionally trained in title search.
If you are looking to hire I would love to work with you, If not I can give you some recommendations of where to get trained.
Feel free to contact me at

Cody: Where are you located? Thanks.

I have been doing titlesearch for years and i still run property title search for many investors everyday. Feel free to contact me for any services you need^^ thank you.

Simon Wu
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