After buying at Sheriff sale auction, can i require owner occupant to allow inspection of home?

Hi i am going to be bidding on an owner occupied home and cant find any info on this. If we are successful, are we able to compell the owner-occupant to allow us to inspect the interior of the home…or can they keep us out until the eviction proceedings were final? We’re hoping to do CFK, in which case we’d require access…but if we have to evict…will we be able to inspect the home prior to them vacating it? I know laws may vary by state, but hoped you can shed some light…


Hi Shannon,
The eviction laws vary from state to state and from county to county. You would want to consult with an eviction attorney in your area. I am in CA and we are a very pro tenant state. Things may be different in PA.

Michelle -
In Ca. you can serve a “Notice to Enter Tenant’s Unit” pursuant to Civil Code Sec #1954.
The code section details various reasons to gain entrance - from making repairs, to doing an insurance inspection.
This has nothing to do with an eviction, just an inspection.

Hey MikeTh, I formerly managed properties in SF (long time ago) where the rent control laws are out of control. I am always cautious when it comes to saying definitively that a landlord can legally force an inspection. That said, you are always right on the money when it comes to the laws and you have a lot more experience then I do on this subject. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!!