Are there lenders or private money that will fund you on CA trustee sales?

Low on cash but eager to buy at CA trustee sales. Need a backer if there out there.

Ask around at the steps. There are investors who have transitioned to primarily doing hard money loans to others. They usually require that you put up some percentage of the deal, and they cover the rest. Fees are steep, and they’ll keep the house and your cash if you fail to pay. Still, quite a few folks have gotten started by using them. They also know what they are doing and since their money is at risk too they will help you avoid doing a bad deal.

We’re funding deals after the sale. 1. You buy property at trustees sale. 2. Prior to work starting we put a loan on property.? 3. You?get your cash back and buy another property.? Northern Ca (Bay Area)?and San Diego ? Contact me for more info: Danny

We have switched from buying foreclosures to helping provide financing for properties already acquired at auction. If this is something that can help you, please feel to email me at: