REALTOR Representing Buyers at Trustee Sales?


I am Realtor in San Diego?with 10 years of experience representing mostly buyers but am interested in finding investors to partner or represent?in trustee sale auction properties, or pre-foreclosures. Can you recommend the best educational program or designation for me to break into this arena? How to cover my research bases, and how to find investors? If an investor lives out of the area, are they to trust me with their cashiers checks at the courthouse?


I’d team up with an eexperienced investor first if you can. Offer to do some free BPO’s in exchange for listings. That’s how I connected with the Realtors that I paid over $1M in commissions to. Many experienced courthouse investors, even those that are brokers, like myself, still like to use hard working local agents to help.
The court house steps is the best place to find them.


I would like to talk to you about this


I am a Realtor in CA and mostly deal with 1st time home buyers, but recently been showing investors the investment opportunities buying at TDS and are very interested. Im looking for ideas on how to structure a deal with them when I have no money?? What’s a common way to structure a deal so I can get payed right? I’d appreciate any good ideas.


If they are looking to flip then sign a master listing agreement giving you the right to list and sell the properties. Often the commission alone is a good deal, but you might try to get 2-3% plus 5-10% of the profit. Just, please, please, make sure they know the risks, and given your lack of funds limit your personal risk contractually.