Creating an LLC to buy property at Trustee sale

Like every other agent out there, my clients are so intent on finding a “deal”. The problem is that the market is completely saturated with people that are after those same deals. With as much demand as there is for distressed property the deals are becoming harder and harder to come by. What I realized is that there is a one area in the market that is not over run with buyers because, quite frankly, it takes more work than most buyers or agents are willing to put into it. I discovered that by opening up my business to helping clients purchase property at trustee sales in San Diego I am able to give them something that other agents either aren’t willing to do, or most likely, do not know how to do. Buying property at trustee sale has been a great added value for my clients and I encourage you all to use a service like Foreclosure Radar as a tool to give your clients the same.

Daniel Beer
Top 1% of Prudential Teams Nationwide

You are definitely on the right track. We are seeing an increase in “bidding services” and qualified agents working with investors and providing CMA’s and local expertise. Investors must sort through an ocean of information to make qualified buying decisions and the right real estate agent can be a tremendous asset. As an agent you can no longer ignore what is happening at the trustee sales. You must look for ways to become a valuable member of that investment team and capitalize on that growing segment of the industry. Kudos to you Mr. Beer for being on top of your game. That must be why you are in the top 1%!!