Buying at auction

what the name of some companies who do public trustee sale, or have the info about where and when will happen, and the start bidding and result of auctions?

Yes, in CA you need to have cash at the ready to buy at trustee sales… ideally multiple cashiers checks made payable to yourself (endorse over to trustee if you win a bid). There are several auction companies contacted with lenders/trustees to conduct auctions - Agency Sales and Posting a.k.a. LPS is perhaps the largest but there are several others. Most sales are conducted on the “steps” of local county courthouses. But many counties also send trustee sales to local parks or other venues. Re the what, when, where, why and how … it’s all here > You might take a look at the tutorials > and watch VIDEO: Foreclosure auction guide >

As usual Danny B is correct! Thanks for taking the time to share!! I am now a member of your fan club!